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Alex Friedberg – COO BXB Capital – Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

  • June 19
  • 43 min
Alex Friedberg is the Chief Operating Officer of Block by Block Capital and a graduate of Babson College.  I only mention his studies because, more more..

Keeping It Real With Qiuyan – Epiosde 12 – You Don’t Know How to Drive That

  • June 16
  • 28 min
This week Qiuyan and I were unexpectedly joined by her dog, a Border Collie.  During birth, it was touch and go as to whether the more..

30 Minutes With Blair Cadet – Episode 10 – Dreadful Commuter Rail

  • June 14
  • 30 min
Blair has now been back in the United States for a bit more than three weeks. She is working hard on her startup and also more..


Michael I. Waitze

Michael has always been interested in the relationship between content, commerce and technology.

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Is Bitcoin’s Decentralization a Fundamental Flaw or a Key Strength?

There is a fundamental question as to whether a decentralized model is sustainable over time.  What are the proper incentives?  Does a carrot..

Does a Crypto Ecosystem Need Free Transactions to Flourish?

EOS is a platform and idea I have been watching with interest for a while. For the first time in crypto I saw..

Entrepreneurship is a constant struggle…

Few will admit it. Fewer will even attempt it…

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Alex Friedberg – COO BXB Capital – Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable