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Benoit Meneau – CEO & Co-Founder,

  • March 19
  • 58 min
Benoit Meaneau’s introduction to Asia was in Hong Kong during SARS.  He was doing an internship in Hong Kong from his university back in France. Benoit more..

Thorsten Neumann – Chief Technical Officer, SmartPesa

  • March 16
  • 55 min
Thorsten Neumann grew up in South Africa and started his first company when he was 17 years old.  With a deep understanding and interest in more..

Qiuyan Tian – Eliminating Tunnel Vision

  • March 15
  • 37 min
Qiuyan Tian was born in Singapore and spent her formative years (Do people still say that?) in Toronto, Canada.  Her father was hired as a professor more..


Michael I. Waitze

Michael has always been interested in the relationship between content, commerce and technology.

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Focus and Determination

I often tell startups that ideas are a commodity. Execution matters. Be Focused.  Be Determined. Others may copy your ideas, sometimes in very subtle..


Adaptability is all about learning how NOT to miss a beat…..

‘Worrisome’ is More Like It

These announcements worry me. These investments worry me. I find Carsome, frankly, worrisome. Maybe there is more to this than meets the eye. ..

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Benoit Meneau – CEO & Co-Founder,