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Tanin Sammanee – CEO of Setscope and Soilfish Thailand

I was finally able to catch up with Tanin Sammanee after not seeing him for almost two years.  I remember when he first came into my office and was explaining to me that he was building Setscope as an outgrowth of some successful tools he had built for himself and his friends that were very interested in trading stocks on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.  I remember thinking at the time that the model he was building was not going to work…I may have been right then, but I am wrong now.

Tanin and his team have built some groundbreaking technology that is automating large swaths of the fund management business.  If his ongoing pilots succeed, the fund management business in Thailand and the rest of the region will never be the same.  Listen to this entire interview…you will not be disappointed.

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Tanin Sammanee – CEO of Setscope and Soilfish Thailand