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Caspar Bo Jensen – Founder & CEO Chilindo, CEO Playlab

Caspar Bo Jensen understands the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. He has seen them both…more than once. After building successful e-commerce companies in Denmark from scratch, the global financial crisis finally caught up to him and he had to shut down his businesses. Caspar Bo does not give up, however, and he learned a lot from those experiences at home and decided to join some friends in Thailand and try to do it all over again…both bigger and better.

Founding Chilindo in October 2013, it was challenging from the start. Nobody had built a shopping experience like Chilindo in the region before and if it meant going to source products in Chinatown at 4AM, Caspar Bo was going to do it. Caspar Bo tells a very interesting story of how consumers like to buy, near failure and how doing things differently can lead to sustainable success.

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Caspar Bo Jensen – Founder & CEO Chilindo, CEO Playlab