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Dana Blouin – Super Villain, StartUp Advisor, PhD Candidate

Dana Blouin is a friend and self proclaimed Super Villain. Frankly, I am not sure what that means. I have known Dana for years and somewhere between his persona and his personality lies an amazing man, deeply intelligent, highly technically skilled and unrelenting in his passionate pursuit of all things media and technology.

Dana has been involved in the confluence of online media, digital distribution and deep tech for over 15 years. Oh, did I also mention that he is an MMA referee and has actually stepped into the ring (octagon?) to fight as well?

Let’s just say that Dana truly has many talents…and one of those talents that simply can not be overlooked is his innate desire to help others. Dana and I had a candid conversation about digital media including the use of data to better understand topic selection, production length, distribution channels and methodology and monetization models. Dana knows his stuff and we often try to find ways to collaborate and share ideas. I always enjoy talking with him…new ideas always emerge.

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Dana Blouin – Super Villain, StartUp Advisor, PhD Candidate