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Ginny Eckblad – Co-Founder of, Builder, PropTech Pioneer

Ginny Eckblad was born in Singapore and has lived all over the world. Living outside her country of birth for almost 25 years has taught her many things, including the power of language and history, perspective and adaptability. She understands how to make others feel like they belong and the power of building positive communities.

Ginny and her business partner have deep corporate experience and this also informs their ability to build from scratch and serve their clients across the board. GorillaSpace has built a differentiated strategy by working with all co-working and flexible work spaces, which means that some of the biggest players in the market rely on the GorillaSpace platform for their connectivity. The leverage is in the platform and the story of its genesis was quite interesting.

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Ginny Eckblad – Co-Founder of, Builder, PropTech Pioneer