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Marcus Ellison – Angel Investor, Founder CEO at VentureMark

Marcus Ellison is consumed with learning and innovating. He is not bound by existing rules nor others’ perceptions of what is and is not possible. Marcus believes that life is a system that needs to be figured out and approaches things in terms of experiments.

He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and even went so far as to design his own major while he was in college. His first business, started while still in college, was an internet radio station that played Jazz music. He also built a successful real estate investment company literally from scratch that succeeded on his ability to hustle, learn the things he did not know and create trust and credibility along the way. Marcus is very talented and driven.

He has now focused his energy on building VentureMark. After moving to Vietnam, he noticed that the Angel investment scene was not only very fragmented, but quite immature. He has set out to change all of that with VentureMark.

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Marcus Ellison – Angel Investor, Founder CEO at VentureMark