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Vincent Sethiwan – CEO of Magic Box and Launchpad

I spoke to Vincent Sethiwan on the newest floor of Launchpad in Bangkok, Thailand…Launchpad is meant to be 'the perfect blend of a professional office, a co-working space and a creative space.’  I think it lives up to its billing.  Vincent conceived of this space while trying to build his own company…a game company and software development house that was originally run out of his home and a coffee shop an Central World. Vincent learned many lessons while he was building Charged Concept / Magic Box and Launchpad…not the least of which was, ‘do not try to market two concepts at the same time’.  

He explained the struggles he had initially simply getting people to understand what a co-working space was…even mentioning that some people would walk by the space and surmise that he was running a new type of furniture shop.  

He also talked candidly about the pressures of being the third generation of a successful family and his drive to succeed and build something big…using the experiences he gained from working in a rice processing factory, working at IBM and getting a combined BS / Masters degree at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.  This was a truly great story…

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Vincent Sethiwan – CEO of Magic Box and Launchpad