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Episode 01 – Whatever a HENRY Is, She Needs Finance 101

In this episode of The Hive Up Podcast, we talked about stress and how one person always needs to remain calm when things go awry.

We also discussed the necessity of moving from a private test of your education product to a public educational event and then getting relevant feedback from your clients.  Pride aside, one needs to determine whether your clients are in tune with your product offering or not.

Further, most people unfamiliar with finance, investing and trading are intimidated by the terminology.  If the educational event can get them comfortable with terminology alone, then something important was accomplished and they should come back for more.

Qiuyan also share a recent story about her test of Grab Hitch.  She was driving to work and her first rider was with a woman that was a financial advisor.  The conversation they had on that ride was indicative of why the curation of financial advisors that the Hive Up does is essential for its clients.

Episode 01 – Whatever a HENRY Is, She Needs Finance 101