Blockchain Decrypted: The Block Lattice – Adaptability

There are multiple possible implementations of the blockchain…the author is trying to determine how suitable and adaptable the block lattice is.

One issue that we will run into is that when there are enough users and clients of a cryptocurrency, we have to start asking ourselves, are there enough to go around? On top of that, when we are dealing with IoT where machines will send tiny amounts of a currency to each other, we need to make sure that these tiny amounts don’t grow too expensive in the long run.

Further, there is also a discussion of scale and speed of adoption and what it means for flexibility in the context of complex interactions.

Let’s picture a scenario where we reach 75 billion IoT devices by 2025. Let’s forget, to keep things simple, that there will be billions of people owning cryptocurrencies by 2025. Therefore, let’s also assume that these IoT devices own all the crypto.

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