Power Ledger & Clean Energy Blockchain Network Announce Partnership With Northwestern University For First Commercial Deployment In United States

More big news from Power Ledger, as the team continues to grow its global network.

As part of Power Ledger’s partnership with Clean Energy Blockchain Network, the team has today announced its first commercial deployment in the United States at Northwestern University Evanston campus.

The Power Ledger platform will enable Northwestern University to trade clean energy both on-campus and between campuses with no hardware, software or subscription fees, by using pre existing meters.

This is a perfect use case for the Power Ledger platform.  Multiple buildings, geographically concentrated with different energy usage patterns turns the energy network into a tradable platform.

Northwestern University’s Master of Engineering Management Program students will provide ongoing monthly measurement and verification, leveraging their experienced engineering and science backgrounds to critically evaluate clean energy blockchain applications and use cases with prominent hosts throughout Chicagoland.

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