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Episode 07 – Are You Flying Alone?

This week, Qiuyan and I were joined by Shaun Mathew, a professional helicopter pilot and an integral part of Quiyan’s support system.  Shaun offers some fascinating insights from his experience as a pilot and we talk about the similarities between flying and being an entrepreneur.

He commented that flying a helicopter is about finding the right combination of people and the assignment of roles to get things running smoothly…which sounds eerily similar to the challenges of building and running a company.

We also talk about the necessity of support systems for both pilots and entrepreneurs / founders.  The glory may get bestowed upon the most visible part of any enterprise, but without a robust system of support, the building and maintenance of complex systems is not sustainable.

This is true for both flying and startups…and we delve into both in this week’s conversation.

Episode 07 – Are You Flying Alone?