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Episode 08 – Having a View

Quiyan and I discussed Hive Up's upcoming seminar with DBS…50 people taking a course in Investing 101.  After testing this concept with smaller, targeted groups, Hive Up was ready to take it to real clients and getting DBS involved was obviously a huge accomplishment.

Educating someone is not about telling them what to think…it is telling them how to approach a problem and then how to think.  While solutions are important, thought processes are more important and this is the way Qiuyan aims to educate those that wish to learn about financial products.

Key to this topic was determining how to 'have a view' and not just 'going in blind' when one makes an investment.

We also touched on how smaller players should view larger institutions.  What is 'product bias' for financial service providers?  How can Hive Up be product neutral, while still providing appropriate guidelines and product information for its clients?

Episode 08 – Having a View