Does a Crypto Ecosystem Need Free Transactions to Flourish?

EOS is a platform and idea I have been watching with interest for a while.

For the first time in crypto I saw a team trying to solve some of the real challenges facing the space, the ones I thought only myself and a few others had even remotely considered. With my Cicada concept project I spent a year at the whiteboard trying to find radical solutions to the hardest problems in crypto: scale, adoption, governance, identity, reputation, distribution and demand to name a few. I dug into old papers and ideas, hunting for hidden gems.

To truly disintermediate an existing platform, you can not just make a new one that is less expensive.

The paradigm must be changed.

The business model needs to be rethought.

Even in the most sophisticated financial markets, transactions reverted to free.

And yet everything on crypto platforms costs money.

It seemed so obvious to me and yet I hadn’t found a single team out there that understood that simple fact. Then I met the EOS team and they not only saw the problem they framed it better than I did.

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