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30 Minutes With Blair Cadet – Episode 11 – There’s a Bigger Story to Tell

Blair has decided to take a break from podcasting to focus her energies on writing a book.  She has been journaling since she was 8 years old and has been blogging extensively for the past four years…chronicling the ups and downs, hardships and adventures she has had since deciding to leave her hometown in Massachusetts and venture in the world of travel and entrepreneurship.

In a way, Blair has come full circle…traveling the world, experiencing the nuances and subtleties of more than 20 countries.  Now she is back at home.  For the first time in more than four years, she and all of here sisters were in the same room at the same time…and the response from her family was muted.  While Blair had been a way for a ‘long time’, communication (via Skype, etc.) has become so seamless, that her family was pretty much all caught up on her overseas activities and whereabouts.

Finally, in preparation for writing her book, Blair has been going over and re-reading her blogs and journals.  It felt a bit like a personal re-discovery.  It also reminded her that the hardships she had faced (which seemed so difficult in the moment) were easily forgotten…

While she originally was blogging about starting her business in Asia, she feels like she has a much bigger story to tell.  I can not wait to read about it when she is done writing!

30 Minutes With Blair Cadet – Episode 11 – There’s a Bigger Story to Tell