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Keeping It Real With Qiuyan – Episode 20 – Sometimes You Gotta Embrace the Suck

Qiuyan and I had a quick discussion on how exercising is important to keep your mind clear.

We also talked about how the more you practice connecting the dots, the more you realize you can.  We discuss how you can be proactive about this and actually set aside time to think, write down ideas and keep an ‘ideas book’.  This is pretty important.

How does writing it down help?  It helps focus on real ideas and eliminates noise.  It also helps you remember.  When I am recording, I am sometimes frantically writing…in a way, if it is not written down, the idea never early existed.  We also agreed that writing is better than typing.

We talked about how when you build your own business, you have to (can?) decide what kind of culture you want to have and what kind of conduct is acceptable.  When you leave a large organization, you actually learn about yourself as well…You decide ‘who you are’ and you can see how ‘who you are’ manifests itself in what you do.

How does your culture impact hiring and how can you really explain to someone coming out of a corporate background what it is really like to work in a dynamic startup environment.  Things get built that are not used and you just have to move on…

I like to ask prospective employees, “What is the biggest risk you have taken?" and Qiuyan likes to ask, “What is the hardest thing you have experienced?"  I told her one of my favorite interview stories…

Finally, we talked about teaching people to read the news better and how to interpret the news that they do read.

Episode titles we considered, but ultimately rejected:

[Feel Almost Invincible]

[Making Sense of It All]

[You Gotta Write This Stuff Down]

[What Is Your Grit Level?]

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Keeping It Real With Qiuyan – Episode 20 – Sometimes You Gotta Embrace the Suck