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Social Innovation Podcast – Episode 02 – Courtney Savie Lawrence – How Can This Be More Inclusive

The second episode of the Social Innovation Asia podcast is an energizing lunchtime conversation between Courtney Savie Lawrence and Michael Waitze.  Courtney, originally from Nashville, Tennessee, arrived in Asia seven years ago with the perspective “the world is so much bigger than our own bubble.” After co-founding a social enterprise in the US, she was recruited to develop a Global Studies program at a university in Hiroshima. After a few years in Japan, Courtney followed her now-husband to Bangkok, where she teaches at the School of Global Studies at Thammasat University in Bangkok and facilities workshops and training on design thinking and social innovation. She describes Bangkok as one of her favourite places and “a dynamic city of innovation and change in the region."

For Courtney, social innovation is about “thinking really creatively in fresh ways that are going to be disruptive in terms of changing the status quo and meeting the global challenges that are unprecedented."

She reminds us that its easy to surround yourself with people drinking the same kool-aid. Courtney argues that conscious capitalism and bottom-up market-based solutions might be too limiting. Policy-based and political solutions are also crucial to lasting change and addressing some of the most pressing issues such as the growing socioeconomic divides.

She is “blow away by the agency and creativity" of her students at Thammasat University. In the third iteration of her course on design thinking and social innovation, Courtney has her students acting as consultants for real-world clients.  In the process they learn how to manage expectations and maintain motivation through long and arduous projects. One thing she wants them to learn is that failure is okay. More important is what you do with failure and how you learn from it.

Learn more about Courtney’s work or reach out to her through her website here.

Social Innovation Podcast – Episode 02 – Courtney Savie Lawrence – How Can This Be More Inclusive