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The Data Driven Podcast – Episode 02 – Gauthier Vasseur – Data and The Future of Work

In this episode, Gauthier Vasseur joined me from Paris to talk about Data and the Future of Work.  We established immediately that it is not just about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  Understanding these topics and their impact will be key, but there is more to this than AI and ML.

The bad news is that some work will go away.  Neither of us contend that the status quo will remain.  The same way that ATMs replaced some of the functions of bank tellers, it also made banks more efficient.  This actually led to and increase in bank branches and the number of tellers employed in the United States.  You can read more about that here…

We make the case that low value add, cutting and pasting style data analysis jobs will get eliminated.  Machines can do this better and faster…and this may actually be good for workers.  It is boring and repetitive.

At some level, every generation confronts this issue.  “Will I be replaced by a machine?"  It is an existential question that is never fully answered.  Yet, every generation, with some upheaval, finds a way to persevere and create jobs that did not even exist in previous generations.

We both agreed that machines remain unsuited for human style innovation and creativity.  We also make the case that human collaboration and compassion are necessary ingredients for real and sustainable innovation.

Further, we discuss the impact that data and its analysis will have on managers, human resources, compensation and even hiring.  We do not agree on all aspects of this topic, but we do believe that humans are good at avoiding the dystopian future that pessimists are always predicting for us.

Finally, we discuss how we should prepare for data’s impact on work, the types of people we should recruit and what are the essential and core qualities of the modern employee.

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The Data Driven Podcast – Episode 02 – Gauthier Vasseur – Data and The Future of Work