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Keeping It Real With Qiuyan – Episode 28 – Giulianna Crivello – WealthUp – It Never Felt Like a Competition

Giulianna Crivello is originally from San Diego, California and attended school at Sierra Nevada College where she studied Entrepreneurship, Finance and Economics, which ends up being pretty good preparation for what she is doing now, focusing on B2C engagement and content creation at WealthUp.  Sierra Nevada college was a fertile ground for startups and actually required students like Giulianna to participate in business plan and pitching which she and her friends / team ended up being quite successful.

Encouraged by Sierra Nevada College to come up with real ideas and buildable products, Giulianna focused on solving the screen time problem of youngsters and came up with a product idea called ‘Limit’.  At its core, ‘Limit’ was meant to be built to get kids to spend less time on their cell phones.  The origin of the idea came from watching her younger brother spend way too much time on his cell phone…While she was required to do this for her major, the team she recruited was not compelled to work with her, but did anyway because they believed in her and the product.

Giulianna gave a pretty detailed overview of the product…which, frankly, was quite impressive.  It was not surprising to find out that she and her team won multiple pitching competitions and raised over $200K for their fledgling business.  We also discussed the impact that those quick dopamine hits have on one’s necessity to be constantly checking and interacting with the mobile device…agreeing that it was a terrible result of the social media explosion.

The interest in the product the ‘Limit’ team proposed to build was so strong that they were all actually considering dropping out of school and committing to building this full-time.  There they all were sitting in a room strategizing about how to tell their parents they were dropping out of college, when Apple announced that they were rolling out a product called ‘Screen Time’.  Well…they knew they were on the right track, but they thought it was folly to compete head to head with Apple and decided to stay in school and continue their studies.

This gave her the opportunity to simultaneously work for a Private Equity firm in Lake Tahoe and also and Angel Investment firm called Sierra Angels.  Tireless…is a good word to describe Giulianna for sure.  With all of that experience and concurrent responsibility, burnout was a real risk…

Listen to the rest of the story and how that burnout got Giulianna to Singapore and right back into the startup world.

Keeping It Real With Qiuyan – Episode 28 – Giulianna Crivello – WealthUp – It Never Felt Like a Competition