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Future Leaders – Episode 18 – Eve Wipa – I Expect the Worst, But I Get the Best Experience

Eve is from Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand and studied at one of Thailand’s premier educational institutions, Chulalongkorn University.  Eve was always a good student and focused on studying Science and Math in high school…however, she also maintained a real passion for language.  She loved learning the sounds, the accents and the vocabulary.  Eve really wanted to study abroad while she was in high school, essentially to learn German and experience living in a foreign culture.  Her parents were initially opposed, but she convinced them by saying that if they allowed her to go away and learn German, she would continue to study Science and Math at university.  Off to Germany she went…

Eve has learned early in life that there are ways to get the things that you want…and her persistence in getting those things pays off.  Sometimes, she does not even know why, but she makes a decision to do something and just runs with it.

She learned and improved her English originally by speaking with her cousins…two of her aunts married foreigners, one of whom was English and the other was Swedish.

Her time in Germany was quite impactful.  Not only did it teach her how to learn language quickly, but she asa became a vegetarian!  At some point, she noticed in the school she was attending in Germany that she just started answering the teachers in German…without even knowing it.  It taught her that for her to learn a language, all she had to do was go tot he country where the language was spoken and immerse herself.  I agree!

In her relentless effort to do things and go places that regular people will not, Eve did an internship in Egypt.  She reiterated that she could go to a Western country but that she already knows what to expect.  She wants an unexpected experience.  She definitely gets that in Eqypt…working on a project to teach Female Empowerment to women that have been through difficult experiences including wars.  She learned that if you really want to experience life, you have to open yourself up.

Her travels, particularly to places where others will not go, have taught her that individuals in every country treat her with kindness and that the conflict she sees on the news seems to be exaggerated.

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Future Leaders – Episode 18 – Eve Wipa – I Expect the Worst, But I Get the Best Experience