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30 Minutes With Blair Cadet – Episode 01 – Boston to Bangkok

  • March 21
  • 33 min
Who is  is Angela Blair Cadet? Let’s start with the fact that she prefers to be called Blair…She is a BeautyTech entrepreneur, blogger, and sometimes more..

Jessica Joseph – A Magical Experience

  • March 21
  • 24 min
Jessica Joseph was born in Chicago, though her family hails from India.  Traveling overseas was not a new experience for her.  She had been back more..

Benoit Meneau – CEO & Co-Founder,

  • March 19
  • 58 min
Benoit Meneau’s introduction to Asia was in Hong Kong during SARS.  He was doing an internship in Hong Kong from his university back in France. Benoit more..


Michael I. Waitze

Michael has always been interested in the relationship between content, commerce and technology.

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Diversity Is Not Something You Bolt On Later…

You either believe in it from the start or you don’t…..

Focus and Determination

I often tell startups that ideas are a commodity. Execution matters. Be Focused.  Be Determined. Others may copy your ideas, sometimes in very subtle..


Adaptability is all about learning how NOT to miss a beat…..

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Episode 01 – Whatever a HENRY Is, She Needs Finance 101