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Shaun Rein – Author, ‘The War for China’s Wallet : Profiting from the New World Order’, China Market Research Group

  • March 3
  • 51 min
Shaun Rein is the Founder and Managing Director of the China Market Research Group (CMR), the world’s leading strategic market intelligence firm focused on China. more..

Holly Harrington – General Manager 總經理 at Taiwan Startup Stadium 台灣新創競技場, Everiii

  • March 3
  • 1 min
Holly Harrington is the General Manager at Taiwan Startup Stadium. Taiwan Startup Stadium, a program funded by Taiwan's National Development Council, is dedicated to bridging more..

Rishi Israni – CEO at Zimplistic Inventions and Former Founder tenCube

  • March 3
  • 45 min
Rishi Israni has been interested in computers and technology for as long as he can remember. Software was his passion and after he moved to more..


Michael I. Waitze

Michael has always been interested in the relationship between content, commerce and technology.

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Is Bitcoin’s Decentralization a Fundamental Flaw or a Key Strength?

There is a fundamental question as to whether a decentralized model is sustainable over time.  What are the proper incentives?  Does a carrot..

Does a Crypto Ecosystem Need Free Transactions to Flourish?

EOS is a platform and idea I have been watching with interest for a while. For the first time in crypto I saw..

Entrepreneurship is a constant struggle…

Few will admit it. Fewer will even attempt it…

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