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Jun Yamadera – Entrepreneur, Hacker, TEDx Kobe 2015 Speaker and Living on the Edge

  • March 1
  • 51 min
Jun Yamadera founded Eyes Japan in 1995, the first IT startup from the University of Aizu, Fukushima. In the past 20 years, he has been working more..

Jayne Chan – Head of StartmeupHK

  • March 1
  • 44 min
Jayne Chan is the Head of StartmeupHK at Invest Hong Kong.  StartmeupHK is InvestHK’s initiative aimed at helping founders of innovative and scalable startups from overseas more..

Harprem (Prem) Doowa – Co-Founder at, Co-Founder of Orami, Angel Investor

  • March 1
  • 50 min
Harprem (Prem) Doowa comes from a multigenerational, entrepreneurial family.  Two generations ago, his family immigrated to Thailand from India and began a trading business.  As more..


Michael I. Waitze

Michael has always been interested in the relationship between content, commerce and technology.

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True Power Is Sitting Back and Observing Things With Logic

If words control you, that means everyone else can control you…..

SmartPesa Takes the Forbes Challenge

Forbes wrote an article entitled, 'Hollow ICOs: Five Ways to Tell If a Crypto Token Has Merit'…which focuses on five simple, but important..

This Is The Thailand I Know – Resilient, Inclusive and Tough

There was fear and trepidation for more than two weeks. Would the Wild Boar soccer kids and their coach survive? Yet amidst all..

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