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Keeping It Real With Qiuyan – Episode 24 – The Key Word is Balance

  • October 16
  • 26 min
Qiuyan and I talked about instant versus delayed gratification…in life and in investing.  How does one’s personality impact the way you live and invest? Quoting more..

globeChang(e) – Episode 04 – Ken Lohatepanont, UC, Berkeley – Politics is History in Action

  • October 15
  • 26 min
Ken Lohatepanont’s passion for politics has drawn the attention of major news outlets and even Thailand’s constitution drafting committee. Now, he’s studying political science at more..

Asian Blockchain Podcast – Episode 36 – Dave Room – CEO, Bridgit – Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric

  • October 13
  • 46 min
Daveed Benjamin Room was born in San Francisco, raised in Berkeley and now lives in Oakland. Since receiving a B.S. and M.S. in Engineering from Stanford more..


Michael I. Waitze

Michael has always been interested in the relationship between content, commerce and technology.

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This Is The Thailand I Know – Resilient, Inclusive and Tough

There was fear and trepidation for more than two weeks. Would the Wild Boar soccer kids and their coach survive? Yet amidst all..

InSpace XR and Justin Liang Are Pretty Amazing, But We Already Knew That

Inspace XR's CEO and co-Founder Justin Liang and I caught up at TechSauce Summit 2018 in Bangkok while he was in town to..

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Keeping It Real With Qiuyan – Episode 24 – The Key Word is Balance