SmartPesa Takes the Forbes Challenge

Forbes wrote an article entitled, 'Hollow ICOs: Five Ways to Tell If a Crypto Token Has Merit'…which focuses on five simple, but important questions:

  1. Who is the team?
  2. What is the problem the coin is solving?
  3. When was the token launched?
  4. Could the platform run on ether, without its own token?
  5. Is their GitHub repository credible?

I highly recommend reading this article…it is not long, but it is a good framework to use when deciding whether a project is viable / credible or not.

To be fair, these are all questions one should be asking when investing in any venture…not just the ones in the crypto world.

I interviewed the co-Founders of SmartPesa this year…Thorsten Neuman in March and more recently, in July, I spoke with the CEO, Barry Levett.  These are two of the most intelligent and thoughtful people I have met in the Asia Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem.  Definitely listen to the podcasts…

After reading the Forbes challenge, Barry wrote a response to the 'Five Questions' entitled 'Answering the Forbes Challenge'.  I further recommend that you read that as well.