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Keeping It Real With Qiuyan – Episode 19 – This Choice Is Not Free

Qiuyan comes from a family of academics.  Her father was a mathematics professor and her mother was a high school teacher…so I wanted to know how she got interested in investing and markets.

Qiuyan has always been good with numbers and her dad encouraged her to study actuarial science at university…which, by all accounts, is very difficult.  Her undergraduate degree lead naturally to a job at Manu Life but it was actually a summer internship at J.P. Morgan that got her interested in the stock market.

However, even her subsequent job at Goldman Sacs did not allow her to connect the dots as much as starting her first company did.  When the income statement and balance sheet along with the equity in the company become your own, things really start to change.  This was when all of those numbers really started to make sense.

Finally, we discussed a new external seminar that Hive Up is developing called Options 101.  Options are derivatives of stocks and add a bit of complexity to understanding their trading patterns.  In this context we also talk about how one can keep up to date with new products and market changes.

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Keeping It Real With Qiuyan – Episode 19 – This Choice Is Not Free