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Less Ordinary with Padmini Pandya – Episode 02 – Owning My Ambition

Padmini Pandya is a Principal Digital Strategist at Adobe, based in Singapore.

Her background in Organizational Psychology and Corporate Strategy matches this digital transformation consulting role perfectly.  Not to mention that she has been operating in the tech sphere as well for most of her career.

Further, companies globally continue to struggle with digital transformation and APAC is no exception.  Multi-National Corporations in Southeast Asia will continue to follow their colleagues in their home locations, but large, regional companies are taking this opportunity to leapfrog their Western competitors.  From her base in Singapore, Padmini is well positioned to take advantage of this large opportunity.

While at one of her previous employers, Padmini was motivated to get an MBA and enrolled at the prestigious program at INSEAD in Singapore.  This was a transformative experience.  If the goal was to better learn how to connect the dots, it made this unique executive MBA program well worth it.  Different from most traditional MBA programs, the class size was small and it was purposefully filled with experienced executives from all over the globe.

We also discussed how ‘Lean In’ has had a transformative impact on her.  It made her take an honest look in the mirror and own her own ambition.  We introduced the concept that women and men are brought up differently with how and when to lean in.  This is a powerful platform that encourages women to define success on their own terms.

Less Ordinary with Padmini Pandya – Episode 02 – Owning My Ambition