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Asian Tech Stories – Episode 25 – Ee Ling Lim – Smarter Me – It Actually Amplifies Their Learning Experiences

Ee Ling is the CEO of Smarter Me, an education platform which equips children with the skillset, mindset and heartset to define their own success and happiness in the future. Based on a unique framework that combines tech skills (coding, robotics) with 21st century skills (entrepreneurship, design thinking), Smarter Me aims to empower kids and teens not only with the tools of today and the future, but with a deeper sense of self-understanding that will help them overcome any changes in the future.

Prior to starting up Smarter Me, Ee Ling spent almost a decade as an Investment Banker, executing billion-dollar transactions in M&A, equity and debt capital markets. She also specialized in Consumer, Retail and Technology.

We talked about the transition from Investment Banking to startup life and her move into EdTech.  Ee Ling was always planning to retire and start a school for small children, but after 10 years as a banker decided it was time to accelerate her ‘retirement plan’.

She has gained quite incredible insights into the mindsets of children, particularly as they move into full young adulthood and how their perception of themselves changes.

Using start of the art technology and employing integrated online to offline strategies, Smarter Me is on its way equip kids with the skillset, mindset and heartset for the future.