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Social Innovation Podcast – Episode 16 – Kitty Chopaka – Founder & CEO Elevated Estate – A Huge Door Just Opened

There was some important news in the Cannabis space in Thailand released a few days ago. While we do not normally react to specific news at MW Media, this was too important to overlook.

So, Kitty Chopaka (the Founder of Elevated of Estate and the CMO spearheading Cannabis Advocacy through Highland Network) and I got back on the mics and went through her interpretation of the news.

Late Friday evening, September 30, two entities of the government made some Cannabis-related announcements. The Narcotics Control Board and the Ministry of Public Health both released some updated rules and guidelines.

Kitty spent the weekend going through the documents they released and translated them as well. We will post the translations in the show notes for this podcast.

Check out the translations that Kitty has done on both documents here and here.

Kitty also has asked for feedback on this discussion. Feel free to e-mail her at