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Asia Tech Podcast – Episode 48 – Ling Ling Tai – Podcast Host, Leaders of Learning – We Can Build This Together

I had a great conversation with Ling Ling Tai in August.  Ling Ling is the Founder and Director of Spark Learning Solutions, the Chief Podcast Educator at Meavox, and the host of the Apple-featured podcast, Leaders of Learning.

I was interested to find out what it would be like to do a podcast with another podcaster.  Would it get too meta?  Would the tables turn and Ling Ling starts asking me questions?  Either way, I was particularly excited to do this.

Ling Ling did not disappoint.  Spark Learning Solutions was the first thing we discussed.  This place where Ling Ling uses her skills as an InterCultural Strategist and her own personal experiences to help others build better cross-cultural collaboration and relationships.  We quickly realized through our discussion that even though we were born in completely parts of the world, we had quite a bit in common.  Not the least of which was that we moved around a lot as kids.

We covered a lot of ground, including how her roots as a corporate trainer prepared her to synthesize her engineering and psychology experiences to power Spark, Meavox and her Podcast.  Finally, we talked about the excitement around the Asia Podcast Awards…nominate your favorite podcast and look for the event on November 9 and 10.